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Innoget, The Open Innovation and Science Network

Innoget was established in 2006 from the ingegration of a group of professionals of recognized standing and experience in the fields of open innovation and technology transfer.

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[ES] Expertos en innovación de la provincia se darán cita en la Jornada 'Innovatossals 2020'

  • 28 October, 2020

--- This article was originally published on The article has been replicated on Innoget's Innovation Blog by Innoget's Editorial Staff for information purposes. --- 22/10/2020 - CASTELLÓ. Espaitec, Parque Científico y Tecnológico de la Universitat Jaume I de Castelló organiza la Jornada Innovatossals 2020 (Innovando con Tombatossals), evento que forma parte del programa...

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Lilly announces proof of concept data for neutralizing antibody LY-CoV555 in the COVID-19 outpatient setting

  • 17 September, 2020

--- This article was originally published on the press room portal at The article has been replicated on Innoget's Innovation Blog by Innoget's Editorial Staff for information purposes. --- - Primary endpoint of viral load change from baseline at day 11 was met for one of three doses; consistent effects of viral reduction seen at earlier time points - Rate of hospitalizations and ER visits was 1.7 percent (5/302...

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Innovation Insider: An interview with Mark Richardson, Chief Executive Officer at National Biofilms Innovation Centre

  • 01 July, 2020

In line with our mission to track down Innoget users in the world's most amazing organizations to discover their thoughts on open innovation and technology transfer, where they see is headed, and learn more about how is the innovation culture within their organization, this month we interviewed Mr Mark Richardson, Chief Executive Officer of the National Biofilms Innovation Centre to know more about the future of technolo...

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